​Though my love for photographic art began in my teen years it hadn't become a reality till later in life.


Random shots or posed, my client work is all about telling their story through imagery.


Whether I'm capturing a shot of street life or lifestyles, I look for the beauty in angles, color and stylized settings.


Every time I take my camera out for a shoot, I learn more about myself simply by the images I choose to capture.




As a photographer I also work in mixed media where I marry graphics with my love of word art and sketches. Through my Portra-Doodles series, using the strokes of my finger against an iPad, I move my spirituality to the forefront to create digital art that encourages and inspires.







From 600 submissions, HEART IN 3D was among the 120 selected to be featured in the 2015 Peace Project traveling exhibit "Love Wins. Peace Rises" in New York and Los Angeles.


Also the piece was included in The Affair of the Arts Festival held in Culver City, California

LOVE’S POSSIBILITY was shown in the exhibit “What is Love?” at The Whole 9 Gallery in Culver City, California.